The Evolution of Giannis Antetokounmpo’s passing – Brew Hoop

Ever since that grainy Greek footage showed Giannis Antetokounmpo leading the break with his merry band of foot-smaller teammates, the tantalizing prospect of him evolving into a 7-foot point guard has ran through Milwaukee Bucks fans’ heads. After living through the Point Giannis years under Jason Kidd, and with defenses growing increasingly accustomed to erecting a dreaded wall, that dream is starting to feel a tad lofty. He’s not going to be Magic Johnson or LeBron James with their hall of fame ability to diagnose, dribble through and orchestrate a defense’s demise. But, if the past few Playoff demises showed us anything, it’s that some fresh playmaking juice from Giannis could be just what Dr. Budenholzer ordered to help this team reach their apex. This season, Antetokounmpo has upped not only his awareness when passing to his teammates, but his repertoire.

If you look at the raw numbers, Antetokounmpo’s assist totals aren’t drastically higher. Per-36, he’s at 6.5 assists, almost identical to his first two years under Bud. Plus, his assist percentage is down from last season. All of the surface numbers wouldn’t necessarily paint a dude who has improved what he can do as a floor reader. But then we get some sequences like this: